AYON pipeline 2023.9 & server 0.4.6

AYON server 0.4.6 and AYON pipeline 2023.9 beta are live. It’s full of new pipeline features and bug fixes, plus the whole on-boarding experience is much smoother now. Of course, we haven’t forgotten about frontend improvements either!

AYON pipeline bundle 2023.9

The easiest way to see all the changes across the board is to have a look at OpenPype changelog.

Note that OpenPype is currenly a standalone product and also acts as the main pipeline code repository for AYON. hence the changelogs apply to both AYON and OpenPype.

AYON Server 0.4.6


  • New option to limit user permission for publishing
  • Various maintenance fixes.


Installation and update

Follow the official installation and update docs Installing Ayon server | AYON Docs

Or this guide in this separate topic.

To update AYON pipeline bundle to the latest, you can run boostrap again. All your settings and project will be untouched, but you’ll download all the latest pipeline code.

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