AYON monthly beginner’s topic - April‘24

Welcome to our Monthly beginner’s thread. This forum topic is used to capture all beginner questions (and answers) in one place. We start a new one every month on 1st of the month and lock the previous one.

We if you feel your question deserves it’s own topic in one of the existing categories, then by all means go for it and create on. We’ll also try our best to split out any interesting questions to their own topics when they warrant a bigger conversations.

So go ahead and ask to your heart’s content.

My apologies, the topic came late :sweat_smile:

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Another idea.

We use google sheets, docs etc a lot, but also use Miro for reference, boards etc.
It would be really nice to be able to open these from Ayon so it’s managed and controlled from 1 place.
It could be something simple as opening an link for Miro board,
For google it would be really nice if it would create those assets with folder structure on the google drive.

Is this something others would be interested in?

Feel free to write your thoughts about it in Ideas - Ynput community section.

Also for reference, you can create a studio addon where you can add a new tab in AYON where you can put as much links as you want.
In a similar fashion to this simple frontend tab.
Find the code here GitHub - ynput/example-studio-addon
and my apologies it’s not documented yet but you can find some info about it here Addon Examples

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Awesome, yep going to give it a try

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