Ayon-launcher: DEV WARNING: Addon 'applications' does not have defined version

Hi all,

I am trying out a dev version of ayon-core : Add support to filter out folders and tasks by assignment by fabiaserra · Pull Request #622 · ynput/ayon-core · GitHub

Was able to load it fine, however get the the following warning:

And all DCC ayon menus don’t load:

Here is a screenshot of the bundle (in whcih the applications addon is clearly enabled)

Does anyone know to fix this?
Any help appreciated.

Thank you

I believe you’ll need a higher nuke addon version to match with latest ayon core. Same likely for blender, maya, etc.

I think for Nuke you need 0.2 or higher. @iLLiCiT shouldn’t there be a warning or even compatibility error for this?

The versions warning you can ignore - that’s a recent feature implemented where addons report versions but not all addons reported their versions yet; but should be resolved now with all latest addon versions if you update all of them.


@BigRoy Many thanks. This is now solved as well.