Ayon-deadline-0.2.0: requests.exceptions.JSONDecodeError: Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0)

Hi all,

While publishing from Nuke, am getting a JSONDecodeError at the Nuke Submit to Deadline stage. Publsih is successful when using the tray publisher

Screenshots below:

Seems like a bug although I cannot be certain. Has anyone encountered this?

Any help appreciated.

Thank you

So it seems it’s not getting a response back from the webservice that it can decode as JSON. I’m not sure why that might be.

  1. Did the job end up getting submitted to Deadline? Or did it also fail to do that and it’s not just the response that’s lacking?

  2. The port you’re using is 8082 but the default port for Deadline webservice is 8081. Can you confirm the the port is actually the deadline webservice. Going to the URL, what does it show in your browser for: (This would actually be

  3. The response being 200 means it should be an “OK” response as far as I understand. However the Deadline documentation does state:

If a request is made for a JSON object, and an empty JSON object is returned, then the information provided for the request did not match any entry in the repository.

Even though I haven’t seen it before - it may somehow be related to that. (Although an “empty” JSON object I’d expect should still be able to decode maybe?)

@BigRoy Thank you for responding.

It fails to get submiited to Deadline.

Deadline Webservice is running at the address specified

Might be. The main change since which this issue cropped up is the addon upgrades: core-0.3.3-dev.1, deadline-0.2.0, nuke-0.2.2. This is all related to Add support to filter out folders and tasks by assignment by fabiaserra · Pull Request #622 · ynput/ayon-core · GitHub. Am testing this feature so upgraded the core and and necessary compatible addons.

There has been some changes in that area recently. Maybe the auth and verify tweaks recently done, e.g. here may be related. @Petr_Kalis have you seen anything like this before while working on that? @jakub.jezek are you able to do a deadline submission test-run from Nuke using latest develop?

This looks weird, it seems as Deadline sends back some garbled payload instead of expected json with info about id of created render job.

I would try to print out what is actually sent from DL in submit_nuke_deadline.py before line 162.

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hey @sbvit were you able to solve the issue? What was the problem anyway?

Hi @jakub.jezek. Thank you for following up.

Unfortunately I have not yet managed to solve this. I have temporarily separated the farm render process from the Ayon Workflow. So at the moment am using the Nuke-Deadline farm submission script, rendering out the frames and then publishing it through Ayon.

You can try to modify deadline submit plugin to raise error because of response status.

# Store output dir for unified publisher (filesequence)
instance.data["deadlineSubmissionJob"] = b_job_response.json()

It will not resolve the issue, but probably uncover more information.