Ayon-core: ValueError: Cannot result OpenTimelineIO with 0.14.1 for openpype_3.18.11-nightly.1

Hi all,

I am trying to install a newer version of ayon-core to the server to use a new feature, however, on running the dependency tool to create the dependency package and deploy it, I am facing the error below:

Is there any way to get around this? What version of the Openpype addon would support OTIO 0.14.1?

Any help appreciated.

Thank you

With latest ayon_core you should disable the openpype addon since it replaces it. Does that already solve it for you?

Make sure to set openpype addon to None in the bundle when you’re working with ayon_core on 0.3+ or something (not sure when it started replacing openpype exactly, but I believe 0.3)


@BigRoy Thank you very much for helping fix this.

the old openpype addon had a convenient script to zip all addons together in one go: OpenPype/server_addon/create_ayon_addons.py at 013b0a22a0f8388eb54636503018a2522c44fc1c · ynput/OpenPype · GitHub

Is there anything similar to do that currently (apart from bootstrapping) or do we have to manage deployments for each addon separately?

Thank you

For separate addon repositories, then yes - you do it per addon.
Whilst now there are quite a few still in the ayon-core repository you can create the zip packages for those addons easily from ayon-core repository:

Ayon core:


Ayon core addons that are still in the repo, like ayon_maya, ayon_houdini, etc:


You can also pick specific addons:

ayon-core/server_addon/create_ayon_addons.py --addon houdini --addon maya 

These addons will then be created by default in:

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@BigRoy Got it. thank you

since 0.2