Ayon - 'Assets' and 'Shots' parent folders from legacy Shotgrid leecher

Are the ‘assets’ and ‘shots’ parent folders that OP created automatically no longer a thing in Ayon? Left is a picture of the Ayon Launcher and right the OP one:

This means that the folder hierarchy of shots/assets no longer creates that parent folder. I actually found those to be useful so it’s all under a sub-folder that can’t collide with any other folders on the root of the project.

As far as I know those weren’t predefined in OpenPype either. Or how did you get those?

You can make that same structure in Ayon.

Or did you solely mean the visual distinction in the icons? Since I had asked about that in particular here.

hmmm I wonder if that’s something that came from the Shotgrid leecher instead then as that’s how we always populated our projects… it’s actually pretty useful and yeah I know I could make that same structure manually but I actually thought it was an OP thing

oh well… yet another thing that breaks backwards compatibility with OP haha didn’t they say OP and Ayon would play along pretty well? :slight_smile:

I would assume it would structure whatever hierarchy you’d have on Shotgrid one to one to OpenPype or AYON - assuming Shotgrid allows arbitrary hierarchies.

Is that screenshot the same project synced?

Do you happen to have a visual of how this structure appears on Shotgrid, just for reference sake.

The legacy shotgrid leecher didn’t preserve the same hierarchy on Shotgrid no, it would create these parent Shots and Assets “asset” (folder) https://github.com/Ellipsanime/shotgrid-leecher/blob/5cd1a8cc1ab132595e5e285d75314c7c16e74b95/api/shotgrid_leecher/record/enums.py#L47 that I realize I changed on my fork of that project to lowercase as we don’t use capital case for entity names.

The new ayon-shotgrid no longer does that so the hierarchy in Ayon and OP look very different.

And yeah, that screenshot is the same project synced… which is why I’m worried

the structure appears like it is on the left hand side view of the screenshot (Ayon Launcher) so in that sense that’s better as it’s a 1-to-1 to SG but I actually had gotten used to the assets and shots folders now and leveraged that in certain regular expressions for path matching and my artists had gotten used to navigate through those folders when looking for shots or assets.

Not a big deal to get used to the new hierarchy (some of my artists actually disliked those assets and shots folder in the beginning) but I will need to make sure my custom code no longer relies on that and be extra careful

Alternatively I could probably add support for it on the new ayon-shotgrid so it creates that extra top folder but potato potatoe…

And yeah because of this your request of bringing the icons to the launcher is extra useful as otherwise it’s extra hard to distinguish what entities are what on the launcher