AYON and OpenAssetIO

Hey everyone.

So we are in a process of implementing OpenAssetIO (GitHub). The best benefit of it is that it will provide simple integration even to DCCs without ever touching them, so long as they implement some common Traits such as at least LocatableContent.

OpenAssetIO can be used for publishing too, it might help us to unify access to different “locations” (cloud storage, local storage, references to VCS, etc.)

You can find OpenAssetIO on ASFW Slack channel

It would be nice to hear some ideas from community about new possibilities with it.


I am very glad this work is underway. I don’t have specific ideas yet about its usage other than using URIs in USD files and inside DCCs directly. We can then use the equivalent of “latest” or “latestApproved” syntax to control the resolution of the asset. I guess we’ll have more comments once we can play with it. But I firmly believe this is the future of asset management, and I hope this effort will bring URIs in smaller studios who could not afford the development resources for custom solutions.
Thanks a lot!

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