AYON and Ftrack issue

Hi, I had AYON working with Ftrack a few months ago following the community guide on the forum. I’ve come back to it and updated the docker, launcher and dependancy packages, and now I no longer get all the ayon admin actions on ftrack. Only “where i run”, “job killer”, “create/update custom attributes” and “clean hierachical custom attributes”. I’m still able to launch applications and publish etc, but can’t set up new projects with out the full admin actions. I’ve gone through the ftrack setup and everything seems to be working. Running “create/update custom attributes” doesnt seem to do anything. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks

I’ve got the same issue, so I’m eager to learn the proper Ftrack workflow as well :slight_smile:

maybe your ftrack service machine is down, because all prepare project and sync to ayon service is from ftrack service

this post might help for worker ftrack service

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Thanks for the help @zafrs. The services were running, but going there I noticed they were set up when I had a previous version of the ftrack addon and so need to be updated.

I deleted the exisiting services and remade them referncing the frack addon used in my bundle and now its all working again