Application/Tools in Anatomy not sync with Addons Applications 0.1.3

Hi there, there seems to be an issue with the anatomy application/tools. I’ve already changed and created an additional DCC or tools, but the tools in the anatomy aren’t showing up and its return empty too when i print after i set it on Ftrack

from openpype.pipeline.context_tools import get_current_project_asset

asset = get_current_project_asset()
print("Current asset: {}".format(asset["name"]))
tools = asset["data"]["tools_env"]
print("Tools: {}".format(tools))

did i miss something? or it still under development? thankyou
FE: 20240223
BE: 1.0.4

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I just realized it’s from ‘default attributes ayon,’ not Ftrack. Should I update it or recreate it?

Its fixed, after re editing the attributes ayon, and restarting server

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