Anatomy publish templates

Another question : is there any way in publish folder to store all exrs in separate folder? not to making that mess

Publish templates ayon+anatomy://Robo/templates/publish
were made for that purpose.

However, these templates function on a per-product basis, which differs from your example where an additional layer of subfolders within the product folder is desired.

@BigRoy @antirotor, Please correct me if I’m wrong.

This particular issue is actively under discussion in the following Pull Request (PR) on GitHub: Use product name templates for render products on farm publish by antirotor · Pull Request #447 · ynput/ayon-core · GitHub

The PR Suggests implementing dynamic keys that would be populated at the time of publishing.

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I believe it’s totally possible already to include a folder with the {representation[name]} which is what it sounds like what you’re looking for.

Note: Looking at comment here this may be {representation} instead.

However - at the same time I’m wondering where this request comes from. There may be certain edge cases to access the actual folder manually, but the tooling in place should allow to ALMOST NEVER needing to deal with the publish folder files yourself, and thus never having to browse these.

For example, in the tray you can open the standalone Loader and pick the relevant product:

  • It has delivery actions, to e.g. pick many products at once and copy relevant files into a dedicated folder with your client (which even allows renaming the collected files based on a custom delivery template!)
  • It often has “Play” or “Copy file” or “Copy filepath” options for very specific functionality for one particular published product.

In Host integrations it’s usually the idea that you use the integrated Loader (and the Scene Inventory) to load any published data and then manage the loaded version afterwards.

If you find yourself needing to physically browse and go into the publish folder that would be a sign that certain features are lacking - and thus the best question here is: “Why do you still need to go there? Because we prefer you don’t need to!”

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I was thinking about this scenariao: artists duin treyr job and publishing shots, shots come to kitsu and my plugin (working on it) makes post reqest to create share link in nextcloud and post that link in kitsu status and note, then ill approve shot and producer will tKs last already creted link and send to the client. And even sometimes kitsu review fails so i would like to have link for me to review file when im on the go. So no manual digging in folders just fasfer and backup reviews and fast sharing

Well - if the Loader action allows you to get the link (in any format usable to you) you wouldn’t need access to the files on disk?

Or did you mean providing something like open access to the actual files on disk by providing a link to the folder instead of uploading them elsewhere, if that’s the case - then I can somewhat see what you mean. (Not familiar with nextcloud myself).

Anyway - for a large part this just sounds like a ‘loader action’ or (functionality coming very soon?) frontend browser action which prepares the files for you as you need without needing to actually browse the disk.

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I have all my shared space with all files connected with next cloud so yeah ill not move anything or even touch ill just generate links for specific folder ( product published version) and post it for external editors whitch will not use uor pipeline tool (ayon) or clients that would like to recieve mp4 prev mov rec709 and exr acescge versions and a little bit of organization will be helpfull thats why i would like to have exrs in separate folder and mov and mp4 one level higher

I ll give a try using representation[name]


It’s also worth mentioning that

  • It’s possible to onboard External editors to AYON via sitesync.
  • For Clients, it’s considered to support users with limited access to be able to view only and comment, I’m not sure if this feature there yet.

i believe my clients will not go in my systems doest matter how i ask))

using {representation} work great for me!


Warning: This comment in the publish integration logic makes me wonder whether using {representation} in the folder directory will end up being entirely safe across the pipeline.

So please be wary of any issues you might face down the line and report them accordingly.

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