Adding clarisse host

I want to write a new host to clarisse, I divided it to some stages:

  • The stage of make clarisse open from launcher then loads the published supported formats like obj, abc, and usd.
  • The stage is write deadline publisher to render and integrate the render images.
  • Any required features based on its priority.

This works is actually underway by @ddesmond
I think this is his current WIP branch: GitHub - ddesmond/OpenPype at clarisse-integration

There are some commits from your end in there too - so I suspect you’re already collaborating on the integration.

yea, we already connected and working on the code for Clarisse.
Great to have a companion in these adventures! @Michaelredaa

@ddesmond great to work with you too.

Clarisse is officially end-of-life. So any integration efforts would get more redundant over time. More details here in RIP Clarisse: vfx on Reddit.