Add optional different output file extensions in Hiero/Resolve

In order to conform footage in production, we receive the raw filmed footage from the camera in file extensions such as .ari, .mxf, .arw, etc. We then apply the edit cuts to it and export it in .exr or .mov format, with a new colorspace to start doing VFX, then grading.

However, in OpenPype, I am limited by the input extension. Therefore, in all OpenPype YouTube tutorials for conforming in Hiero/Resolve, the input footage is in .exr format, indicating that it has been pre-converted from a raw extension to .exr.

Therefore, it is crucial to include an option that allows the user to choose the output extension in OP Creator.

So I suggest adding a dropdown menu in the Creator plugin in both of Foundry Hiero and Davinci Resolve, this feature allows users to choose from a variety of extensions. With pre-configured properties such as codecs and compressions from the OP Studio settings.

In the new publisher in OP, there’s get_pre_create_attr_defs which adds the capability to capture user input
e.g. Image Format Options (example from Houdini)

So, if this isn’t supported in old publisher,
Then I suggest making new product-types (families) that almost have the same functionality as the existent creators + hardcoded extensions

  • Create Publishable Clip
  • Create Publishable Clip (exr)

the second one should ignore the input file format and use the hard coded ext exr

I’m not familiar with Hiero/Resolve Ayon/OP integrations yet, thus I can’t point to where you should apply these edits.

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Sorry if I am having difficulty understanding you,

Could you please provide more specific information about the idea you would like clarification on? What is that python script you want me to edit or copy and where is it? What do you mean by “Create Publishable Clip”? Is it a function or a script?

If you are running OpenPype from source, you’ll be able to do these tests.
Let me visualize my idea, and excuse my lack of knowledge about Hiero Openpype integration

Let say this how creator looks like in Hireo and there’s no way to get user input, e.g. export file format

Then, Here’s my suggestion you can modify copy this file and paste in the same place.

Then you can start making your changes

  • change class name
  • change label
  • follow the code logic and find the part relating to the extension and hard code it to exr (I have no idea where is it)

A further visual example

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That’s an awesome idea! However, I couldn’t find any loop that searches for extensions or creates tags to set it.