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Answering good questions from Discord

how to add new actions to Ftrack integration?

My suggestion to check all the settings and the available features, Then you can suggest any missing features or you can add it yourself and make a PR

How can I create a new type of publish data?

There’s a guide called “Publish process dev guide” which hopefully will make it clear

How to colaborate to current USD experimental plugin?

you can start by checking the current status as far as I know there’s a multiverse integration there’s also some WIP regarding openassetio it’s mentioned somewhere in the screen capture shared by BigRoy Houdini Integration 2.0 - #3 by BigRoy

Any advice, which documentation, where to start.

It mostly depends on what you are trying to achieve which will determine the level of detail you may need. there’s our discord server, community forums, OpenPype Docs, AYON Docs and Ynput Github

I just compiled a version from OpenPype for Windows

In general, you don’t have to compile it unless you are adding custom features

Given that I am not familiar with Docker

Don’t worry, you’ll be! Currently, Dockers are used extensively with testing AYON because they make things easier.

if I want to collaborate, I will need to open an issue/ merge request and so on

I think you are asking about our github workflow. it’s easy,

  1. fork our repo OpenPype
  2. create new branch
  3. push it to your github forked repo
  4. Head to OpenPype PRs and hit New pull request

Note That:
we follow gitflow like naming conventions you should use a descriptive name for your branch
and branch prefixes :

  • feature/
  • enhancement/
  • bugfix/
  • tests/
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